We, your guides and founders of Kayak-iti-Yat have lived and worked in the Faubourg St. John and Mid-City area for several years.  We love to play in the neighborhood too.  So many things to enjoy—the community is filled with little neighborhood parks, great food, fun bars, festivals, City Park and of course, Bayou St. John.  We canoe and kayak on the bayou whenever we get the chance.  In talking with our friends and affiliates, Confederacy of Cruisers (a bicycle tour company out of Faubourg Marigny) we thought, “Why not share this experience with New Orleans’ visitors?”

It’s only fair to bring the locals’ activities to folks who want to get to know New Orleans.  This area is loaded with history!  Bayou St. John is where it all began.   Plus, this community is very inviting, working together to keep the neighborhood beautiful.  Oak trees frame the streets, at every turn you find lush gardens, and people are out walking or biking.

Even though we wake up here every morning, not a day goes by without a renewed amazement of New Orleans’ beauty, both in her people and landscape.

We are very excited to share what we love most with you!

–Sara and Sonny