Bayou Bienvenue Tour

bb_feature01This paddle lasts about three hours. Yet, still easily reachable from the French Quarter (only about 4.5 miles away), Bayou Bienvenue has a rich eco-system stocked with lush plants and wildlife. With our city’s beautiful skyline in view, you’ll paddle pass alligators, several different bird varieties, and even paddle through the edge of a salt marsh. You’ll get a real hands-on understanding of the challenges Louisiana faces with land loss and our restoration efforts.

If the difficulty level of the Big Easy Bayou Tour is beginner, and the Pontchartrain Paddle intermediate, this paddle would rank between intermediate and advanced. The reason for the bump-up in level has to do with seasonal, unpredictable variables. We may have to take a longer route in windy open water or muscle through aquatic plant beds or low water.

Paddling experience isn’t necessary. However, there are certain qualities we need in participants: you must be physically fit and the type of person to perceive unexpected challenges as added adventure and not a buzzkill.

There are no civilized bathrooms, and no breaks or possibility of exiting the kayaks mid-tour. We do not use tandem kayaks on this tour.

Five dollars from each Bayou Bienvenue Tour is donated to the Lower Ninth Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Devolopment, CSED.

Available by reservation only, we offer kayaking tours seven days a week, year-round. We take a minimum of 2 kayakers.

Keep in mind, this is a small, family-run operation, if we do not respond immediately to your phone call or email, it’s probably because we’re on the water.  As soon as we regain our land legs, we’ll get back to you!

You’ll receive a 100% refund for cancellations made with 2 days advance-notice (or if we cancel due to bad weather), 75% within 48 hours, and only 50% within 24 hours. No refund if you’re a no show, and no call (within two hours of the appointed time).

$70 per person
Bayou Bienvenue Tour

Please contact us at with questions.